ROE by Nate “Cash” Gamache

Objective: A game of chance played with three dice with the intent to win big bucks and take all the other players money!

House/Table Rules:

  1. Any money you’re going to play with will be out on the table. No pulling more out or stashing any away during play.
  2. Any new player that comes in (STS) stands to the right of the banker and is last to bet.
  3. The proper name for the point will be used:

1= Pimple or Nipple

2= Duck (never scoff the duck!)

3= Gash

4= Window

5= Fever

6= Boxcar (only time allowed to say BOX in the bar)

  • Only touch the dice if it is your turn.
    • If the dice are out of reach of the current player. They may “get a little help” from other players…but don’t touch the dice!
  • 4-5-6 is an AUTO WINNER (LIKE JODI).
    • If the banker rolls 4-5-6 = wins all bets
    • If a player rolls 4-5-6 = player wins that bet and will be the new banker next round
    • If more than one player in a single round rolls 4-5-6, the last to go will be the new banker next round.
  • 1-2-3 is an AUTO LOSER (LIKE ATLAS).
    • If the Banker rolls 1-2-3 = all player bets win
    • If a player rolls 1-2-3 = that bet loses
  • Tie = Push (no money exchanged)
  • New bankers are required to put all their money in the pot…see #1
  • “Bottoms”
    • Before the reveal of the dice roll a player (or the banker) may call “Bottoms” for that roll only.  The bottom of the dice will be the result of the roll
      • Opposite sides of the dice add up to 7 (ie 6/1, 5/2, 4/3 are on opposite sides)
    • “Auto-Bottoms” = ALL roles for that turn will be scored using “Bottoms”
    • 1: You lose all your money
    • 2: You must announce to the table that you intend to leave either in 15min OR 3 rounds, and it must be acknowledged by at least 2 other players (Gentlemen’s rules). If you’re the banker when that condition you announced occurs you may take your money and the person to the right will become the new banker.
  • Take a shot for:
    • “Sloppy Die/Dice”…die/dice fall off the table
    • Touching the dice/die when it is not your turn
    • Betting out of turn
    • Touching the bankers money when it’s not your turn to bet
    • If you don’t know the point and have to ask
    • Pointing with finger…not elbow
    • If you say all 3 numbers together (High or Low)
    • Deemed to do so by the mob


Betting: The banker begins by throwing their money in the middle of the table as the pot and announcing “Pot’s open”. Each player in turn can bet part or all of the pot (don’t be that guy, let others play) starting from left of the banker. Take the player bet and place it vertically in front of you, then take that same amount from the pot and place it horizontally to make a “T”. This continues until everyone bets or the pot is empty (“Pot it BITCH”). If the former happens the banker will then ask for “Re-ATTACKS!!” After a second betting round the banker announces “Pot’s Closed”.

  1. After the 1st betting round the banker will ask for “Re-ATTACKS!!”
  2. After all “Re-ATTACKS!!” the last player will slam their elbow on the table and announce “Shoot ‘em bitch”
  3. If a player takes the last of the money in the pot they will slam their elbow down on the table and announce “Pot It BITCH!”
    1. If the banker loses all their money during that round, the player who “potted it” will be the new banker.

Establishing a Point: The banker takes 3 die and rolls them. If there are no pairs they continue to roll until at least a pair of die is rolled (2 of the same number).  Once a pair of dice are rolled the 3rd dice number becomes the “point”. Ex 2/3/5 is rolled…nothing happens except the banker rolls again, this time 1/1/4 is rolled.  The point is now 4. If any triple number (1/1/1) is rolled the players must beat that triple with a higher triple or 4-5-what.

Resolving the Bets: After the banker establishes a “point” the first player to their left (first to bet) rolls to try and beat the banker point.  If the “point” is a 4 and a 3 is rolled.  All the money in front of the player is pushed into the pot in the middle of the table.  If a 4 is rolled by the player as well, only the money taken from the pot (Horizontal part of the “T”) is returned back to the pot, “push”.  If a 5 or better is rolled the player keeps all the money and it is now the next players turn.  This continues around the table until all bets are resolved.  Then the banker again opens the pot to a new round of betting.

Hierarchy:  XX = Any Pair

Highest               4-5-6













Lowest                1-2-3