The Premiere A-10 Gunnery Competition

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Thank you to all the Units that came out to hot hot Tucson to demonstrate the world's premiere Air to Ground platform. We couldn't have made this happen without our sponsors, shown below.

45 High Altitude Dive Bomb:

  1. Capt "Gnome" Knighton, 47th FS
  2. 1Lt "STYFLR" Shelley, 76th FS
  3. 3. Maj "Atlas" Meyers, 25th FS

30 Dive Bomb, HARS (Heading and Altitude Reference System; degraded delivery)

  1. Capt "Mully" Shipman, 47th FS
  2. 2. Maj "Z" Sliwoski, AATC
  3. 3. Capt "Slinga" Yingling, 104th FS

10 Low Angle High Drag Pop-up

  1. Capt "Honey-Badger" Long, 47th FS
  2. 2. LtCol "Lick" McCracken, AATC
  3. 3. Capt "Gnome" Knighton, 47th FS

Long Range Strafe:

  1. LtCol "Karl" Marks, 303rd FS
  2. Capt Ben Best, 107th FS

Low Angle Strafe

  1. Capt "Tono" Woodard, 354th FS
  2. Capt "EDDIE" Sery, 25th FS

Top Conventional Team (Maj Jeff "Burger" Watterberg Trophy)

47th FS, DM AFB

Top Tactical Team (Capt Steve "Syph" Phillis Trophy)

25th Fighter Squadron, Osan AB, Republic of Korea

Top Overall Pilot (LtCol Robert "Muck" Brown Trophy)

Capt "Gnome" Knighton, 47th FS

Top Overall Team (Colonel Al "Mud" Moore Trophy)

47th FS, DM AFB


Thank you to our sponsors

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